Cranford is a township located in Union County that is home to a population of approximately 23,000 residents. One of the township’s most noteworthy facts is that it was listed in New Jersey Monthly’s “Best Places to Live” feature, ranking in at 34th.

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This township boasts a lively downtown area. There are a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and businesses located there as well a flourishing nightlife scene. Taking aesthetics into high priority, the township moved to install light fixtures, benches, and cobblestone sidewalks throughout downtown, moving towards taking on a Victorian feel. There are also several small parks scattered in Cranford that have become areas for residents of all ages to get together and relax.

Education is also of utmost priority for the township. Bloomingdale Avenue School serves students from kindergarten through the second grade, Brookside Place School serves students from kindergarten through the fifth grade, Hillside Avenue School serves students from kindergarten through the eighth grade, and Orange Avenue School serves children from the third through the eighth grade. The Cranford Township Public Schools are very successful – the high school, Cranford High, was recently ranked 51st among all high schools in New Jersey in 2012. The high school’s curriculum also has a strong emphasis on technology and service learning. These characteristics have lead to graduates being admitted to some of the top private and public universities in the nation. Aside from public schools, school-aged residents also have access to private and religious schools.

In the media, Cranford has been a prime location for the filming of several movies and television shows, including the Adventures of Pete and Pete, Guess Who, Garden State, and Far from Heaven.

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