Watchung is a borough located in Somerset County that is home to approximately 6,000 residents.

The smaller amount of residents lends itself to creating a well sought after neighborhood environment. Many residents boast about being able to know their neighbors and interact with them regularly. Historically, the area was founded for agricultural purposes and as a result it has a rich landscape.

 The borough is known for being family friendly. It has a strong education system in place, serving students from kindergarten through the twelfth grade.  Bayberry Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through the fourth grade, Valley View School serves students from the fifth grade through the eighth grade, and Watchung Hills Regional High School serves students from the ninth grade through the twelfth grade.

 Additionally, the borough goes through great strides to make recreational activities available for its younger residents. Some examples of these activities include a hockey club, summer camps, fishing opportunities, and tennis courts.

 The Watchung Art Center is a fantastic facility that is sure to be a crowd pleaser amongst younger and older residents alike. The center not only has exhibits and showcases on display year round, but they also host art camps and classes to give residents of all ages a chance to express themselves artistically. Additionally, they also host theater, yoga, and zumba classes. 

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