Union City

Union City is located in Hudson County with a population of approximately 67,000 residents. In 2010 it was noted as being the most densely populated city throughout the country. Union City is known both as the Embroidery Capital of the United States and as Havana on the Hudson.

The area is largely influenced by the high levels of cultural and ethnic diversity. It has also been undergoing a strong wave of urban revitalization over the past decade, with more and more people moving to the area due to its convenient location to Manhattan and its affordability. As a result, the commercial sector has been revamped and is very accommodating to residents, making it easier for them to run their errands and involve themselves in recreational activities without having to leave town.

The township boasts a strong public and private education system, with several schools being available to the area’s younger residents. For students from pre-kindergarten through the eighth grades, these schools include Thomas A. Edison School, Sara M. Gilmore School, Hudson School, Jefferson School, Veteran’s Memorial Elementary, Washington Schools, Woodrow Wilson Arts Integrated School, Emerson Middle School, and Union Hill Middle School. For students from the ninth grade through the twelfth grade, there is Union City High School.

The most notable landmark in Union City is the Park Performing Arts Center. Originally built in the early 1900s, this center houses cultural and educational programs all throughout the year as well as permanent and rotating exhibits.

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