Maplewood is a township located in Essex County that is home to a population of approximately 24,000 residents year-round. The area has a rich history, with its discovery resulting from trails that were set up by Lenape tribes. Originally used as an agricultural area, the township has seen many changes throughout the years that have allowed it to evolve to better meet the needs of its citizens. 

Maplewood is conveniently located right off the New Jersey Transit rail system, making it an ideal place for commuters to live as well as those who work in nearby areas. This rail system connects residents of Maplewood to neighboring towns, throughout the state, and into New York City. Due to its accessibility, residents that are not commuting also use the transit system to take day trips on the weekends. 

In regards to education, Maplewood residents are part of the SouthOrange-Maplewood School District.  Within this district are six elementary schools serving students through the 5th grade. These schools are Seth Boyden Elementary School, Clinton Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School, Marshall Elementary School, South Mountain Elementary School, and Tuscan Elementary School. Middle school aged children have the option of attending either Maplewood Middle School or South Orange Middle School, and high school students attend Columbia High School. 

The township prides itself on being a diverse and family-friendly community. Maplewood boasts a thriving downtown area, complete with a movie theater, a variety of restaurants, a supermarket, coffee shops, a bookstore, and a toy store. The township also owns and operates the Burfdorff Center for the Performing Arts, which hosts a variety of different shows and events throughout the year. Additionally, every year around the Fourth of July, the township hosts an event called Maplewoodstock, which is a free concert that showcases local and national bands.

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