Livingston is a township located in Essex County that is home a population of approximately 30,000 residents. The population in this township has been steadily increasing each year as the area becomes more and more desirable due to the nature of the neighborhood and the accessibility to larger cities for commuters. 

In regards to education, school-aged residents of Livingston are served by the Livingston Public School System, which serves students from kindergarten through the twelfth grade. There are six elementary schools, which are Burnet Hill School, Collins Elementary School, Harrison Elementary School, Hillside Elementary School, Mount Pleasant Elementary School, and Riker Hill Elementary School. Two middle schools are a part of the district – Heritage Middle School and Mt. Pleasant Middle School. For high school, students attend Livingston High School, which received the Blue Ribbon Award from the US Department of Education and was ranked 22 out of the 322 public schools throughout the state by New Jersey Monthly. Private schools are also available to students, which include Aquinas Academy, Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy, and Newark Academy. 

Livingston is deeply invested in the arts, and boasts several performing arts organizations such as the Livingston Symphony Orchestra, the Livingston Community Players, the Children’s Theatre of Livingston, and the New Jersey Ballet, which is recognized nationally and internationally. Additionally, the Livingston Arts Association promotes art in the community through exhibitions and workshops as well as a gallery hosted in the Livingston Town Center. 

While Livingston was originally viewed as family-oriented township, it has been evolving into more of a mixed type of environment. Neighborhoods are still tightly knit and family values are promoted heavily through school systems, but the downtown is also thriving, providing entertainment options for younger residents of the area. Three main shopping areas exist in Livingston – the Livingston Town Center, the Livingston Mall, and an area along the border of Livingston and East Hanover. These area provide residents of all ages places to shop, eat, and drink at their discretion without having to leave township limits. 

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