Edgewater is a borough located in Bergen County that is home to approximately 12,000 residents.

This area is one of the smallest in the region, only accounting for a little more than 2 square miles. Edgewater features breathtaking views of New York City and is situated along the Hudson River, making it an ideal place to live.

Despite being small in size, Edgewater has a lot to offer due to its commercial areas and transportation accessibility. There are a variety of restaurants in the area as well as several shopping areas. Additionally, there is an added convenience of grocery stores, a movie theater, and a few bookstores for residents to enjoy.

 Edgewater features a strong elementary school system for students up through the sixth grade, the Eleanor Van Gelder School. After that, younger residents are part of a sending-receiving relationship with neighboring towns for the completion of middle school and high school where they attend Leonia Middle School and Leonia High School.

 Additionally, there are several sports fields and parks in Edgewater, making it a great place for recreational activities. There is also a strong sense of history in the borough, with three landmarks being listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places.

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